Thursday, 23 July 2015

Propagate Extents for Grids

An update to an older post...

PROBLEM: The Propagate Extents command in Revit for grids does not seem to work. Is it broken?
SOLUTION: Don’t waste your time changing grid bubble locations view-by-view!. The Propagate Extents enable to apply a consistent override of grid bubble placement across multiple views in the project.

But for this command to work, both the "source" view with the bubble override and the "destination" views should be parallel (i.e., horizontal level views, parallel elevations or sections), AND the cropping properties of the views should be disabled. The process is as follows:
  1. Prepare a single view with the grid bubble location as desired.
  2. Switch off the Crop View, Crop Region Visible, and Annotation Crop of the source view and all the parallel views you would like to apply the same grid bubble graphics:
  3. Select the grids in the "source" view, and in the contextual tab click Propagate Extents
  4. At the prompt of the dialog box, select the views to propagate the grid extents and click Apply.
  5. Return to the views and switch on the Crop View and Annotation Crop boxes.

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