Friday, 20 March 2015

Ensuring your families 'make the Cut'!

We all know family creation can be a tedious art, especially when you need an element (i.s. an under-mount sink) to cut into another object (i.e. a counter top), so here's a friendly reminder about how to set this up correctly:

In your family:

1. Ensure "Cut with voids when loaded"
2. Model the void extrusion(s) you need to cut the adjacent elements in the project
3. Load the family into your project

In the project:

4. select the element
5. Use the Cut tool (under Modify tab) and then
1st select the element to be cut
2nd select your cutting element (the family you just loaded)

And the result:

1 comment:

Alex said...

Cuts have always been difficult. Thanks for this.