Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Dialog Box, Dialog Box: Where art thou Dialog Box?

In the world of having 2 monitors, sometimes Windows likes to think we have more than 2 monitors connected. When that occurs dialog boxes can open and not be visible on the either of the current monitors.

For Example, you open Revit, click to open a file and the open dialog box "Pops Up". Only, Revit seems to hang and you never get the dialog box to display.

Try this quick little Windows Trick to get the dialog box to become "Sticky" to your mouse and then move it back onto your viewable screen.

1. With Revit as your active program.

2. Perform the following Keystrokes:
A. ALT+Space Key
B. M (This is for Move)
C. Push one of your Arrow Keys (Doesn't matter which direction)
D. Move your mouse and the active dialog box will be attached to your mouse cursor and you can now place it where it can be visible.

Keep in mind this is a Windows function and will work for more than just Revit, the solution works on anything that has a standard dialog box or window that can be Minimized, Maximized or Closed.

I hope this helps alleviate some frustrations in finding where dialog boxes go and seem to make your application hang, but really it's waiting for a response from you!