Friday, 13 December 2013

Recessed Lights in Ceiling Grids

When placing recessed lights into a Revit ceiling (which may be in either the linked or in your host model) special attention should be paid to the relationship of the lighting family to the bottom face of the ceiling:

By simply shifting the geometry in the family down (even a slight amount), the ceiling grid is masked correctly (you'll need a masking region somewhere in the generic annotation symbol or plan view symbol) of the light family:


Brok Howard said...

It will work as well if you just have something modeled breaking the plane. No need to move all your geometry so that elevations tags are off. Simply go to a section or elevation in the family and make a tiny model line. This will never show in plan or section and it would be hard to tag it to get an off elevation. Model lines can help other geometry cut to reveal graphic overrides...where the cut in your view.

Anonymous said...

FYI for all you MEP'ers: In order for the light fixture family to mask the grid when the grid is located in a linked model, you must set the view discipline to "Architectural" or "Coordination"!

Dave Baldacchino said...

Anonymous is correct, there is nothing you can do (it seems) if the view discipline is set to M, E or P; the objects seem to become transparent, or the grid is represented on top of everything as some sort of halftone overlay. As for Architecture and Coordination, Brok is correct. Symbolic representation and masking regions set to Draw in Foreground will be rendered on the closest object face as defined by the bounding box, so an invisible line that is set to not be visible will work just as well.