Friday, 7 December 2012

BIM Software Updates

Depending on the product, software updates from Autodesk can come with a variety of terms.  SP#, PU#, UR# and U# are the abbreviations used for Service Packs, Product Updates and Update Releases and Updates.  There are also Hotfixes.  In this post we provide a brief history and the most current update/fix/release.  Are your installations up to date?

Revit 2013

Since the 2013 release, Revit has had UR1, a Hotfix, SP1, another Hotfix and UR2.  The current Update Release 2 is dated December 04, 2012.

Navisworks Manage 2013

Since the 2013 release, Navisworks Manage has had a Hotfix, SP1, another Hotfix and SP2. The current Service Pack 2 is dated November 21, 2012.

3ds Max Design 2013

Since the 2013 release, Max Design has had U1, U2, SP1, PU3, PU4, PU5, SP2, a Hotfix and PU6. The current Product Update 6 is dated November 20, 2012.

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013

Since the 2013 release, Civil 3D has had four hotfixes, next Hotfix 2, then Hotfix 1, SP1, three more hotfixes, then SP1 (NOT the same as the first SP1). The current Service Pack 1 is dated November 29, 2012.

Showcase 2013

Since the 2013 release, Showcase has had SP1, SP2, a Hotfix, SP3, Service Pack 1 (NOT SP1), another Hotfix, and a third Hotfix  The current CATIA CATPart Hotfix is dated October 11, 2012.



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Good post! Maybe put the build numbers too? It's tough navigating their updating naming convention, but build numbers should be unique?