Friday, 7 October 2011

Using conditional formatting in schedules

A request was made to me this week by one our project managers who wanted to know whether we were over or under our area requirements on one of our projects. We needed to show which rooms where providing more area than had been defined in the client brief & this needed to displayed graphically on plan. You would normally do this by setting up a Colour Scheme to display the results by a range.
However, on this occasion we just needed to display the results as either yes or no. I was able to resolve the problem which I explain in the youtube video below; it got us the result we needed. I am sure there must be a slicker way to do this, however this rather “rushed” video explains the steps I took.


Brok Howard said...

Could you use the same parameters for yes and no to develop filters to control the room colors inn the floor plan?

Kieren Porter said...

This has always given us a fair amount of heartache also - we flirted with an (Excitech?) tool that did an output/input loop through excel but found it cumbersome. One tip to speed up the manual input of the SP "yes - no" field; if you sort/collapse the schedule by the "over" and "under" fields (not itemising by instance) you'll be able to group-edit multiple rooms at once.

Revit said...

This is great tutorial and it helps a lot. I would like to re ask what Brok Howard as about control filters or even the Color legend to reflect this. Have you come up with a video for this? I had the pleasure of working at HOK on a project where they had figured it out and Im curious how easy it would be to do?

Brok Howard said...

I thought I would just make a quick video in response, some of it is a recap of what David already shared. I demo how to add a yes/no parameter that you can filter rooms on and off. You could include this parameter in a schedule and use a tool like BIMlink to turn a large group on an off based on the area. The filter does not let you change the color since this is really a section quality and the filter will not let you override the cut plane.