Sunday, 1 May 2011

42nd Annual Architectural Foundation of San Francisco High School BIM Awards

Alan Sandler kindly asked us to judge the 42nd Annual High School Design Competition for AFSF. We received 14 entries many of which were quite nice considering that they were built by such young minds. We were asked to identify a winner along with a second and third place finish.

The students were asked to submit a Revit 2011 model, an animated walk through video, and a rendered image. The design concept was centered around "Sails of History" where the students would design "An America's Cup Youth Pavilion."

Here are the top three entries along with a few honorable mentions and a quick bit as to what our impressions were on them in terms of how BIM was used to communicate their ideas.

First Place, Entry #48 by Erina Yamada
Academy of Arts and Sciences/Build San Francisco
This model contained a nice variety of forms and was put together quite nicely. The student did not spend too much time on any single item in the model and it appeared to be at an even level of completion. This model contained an interesting stair system, lighting, a green roof, and a topography surface with attention paid to the modeling of interior as well as exterior features of the design.

Second Place, Entry #13 by Matthew Lew
Lowell High School/Build San Francisco
This was an amazing model with a beautiful design. The image below is one of the student generated renderings contained internally within the Revit model. This student should be very proud and definitely has a future in design!

Third Place, Entry #16 by Priscilla Ng
Lowel High School
This was a nicely put together model. The curtain system was well modeled and had some interesting forms that exploited some of the advantages of the use of BIM. Very nice work!

Honorable Mention, Entry #44 by
Billy Hu, Alan Fu and Bryant Fu
George Washington High School
Modeling a dome shaped curtain system deserves a mention for sure. I did not find any doors or breaches in the dome system to support entry or a patio or this model may have made it higher in the finishing. A very interesting design!

Honorable Mention, Entry #61 by Baby Joy Quejarro
Academy of Arts and Sciences/Build San Francisco
A green roof, clam shell beds, and nice use of various model elements gets this entry an honorable mention. This was a neat building and a well built model.

Honorable Mention, Entry #4 by Cooper Minetti
Alhambra High School
This entry was nice in that the presentation was well communicated and put together onto a sheet. The student used some advanced elements and I'm sure they learned plenty while putting this model together, nice work.