Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Understanding cut geometry in Revit - developing deliverables from your model

David Light, Revit Specialist for HOK London explains how to use different family categories so you can develop detailed deliverables from families placed within your project environment.

This question has come up a number of times recently, but understanding how Revit cuts geometry is particular important if you trying to generate deliverables off your model. Contrary to popular opinion, it is possible to do this.

In the example below, the requirement is to generate a number of different plans representing a reception desk. But the prerequisite is to show these at various level, ie. Top View, View below sign-in counter,  a view indicating how the millwork is developed.

You first just need to know what families are cuttable and which families are not, the Autodesk Revit help file actually explains this very well. Then you need to understand how to use plan regions to control the different plan depths you require.

Start by changing the family category to “generic model”. This ensures that the geometry is cuttable in plan as well as section.


Replicate the plan views as required, for each plan you are trying to develop.

Then pick one of the views, then go to view and “plan region” and sketch around an area where you need to see a different depth.


Select the plan region and adjust its Cut plane as required, in the case of below I have dropped this to 500mm.


The resulting geometry will now look like this.


If you need to provide different areas at different heights, pull back the plan region or sketch around what needs to be shown at a different height and alter the cut plan.


In the image below; the resulting views with different plan regions added to represent how the reception desk will need to be shown on the drawings.


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