Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Rehost geometry in a different plane

How do you rehost geometry to a plane in a different angle? William Lopez Campo from HOK London explains.

When trying to move geometry around (ie using a sketch from a reference plane to another) you can rehost between parallel surfaces.

The steps I followed in order to let the geometry “jump” from a plane to another non-parallel are:

The geometry is hosted on the Plane A.


Set Current a horizontal plane, and draw from any point a line perpendicular to Plane A and another from its endpoint perpendicular to plane B.


Draw a point hosted on the line perpendicular to Plane A. Select the geometry and select “Pick...” in the Host dropdown list. The plane defined by the point on the line is parallel to Plane A, so the geometry will “jump” to the plane.


Now set the original horizontal plane as current again, and rotate the line. Drag the rotation centre to the endpoint of the line and snap the rotation for the lines to overlap. There will be a warning message of overlapping lines, ignore it. Notice that the point and the geometry will rotate with the line.


Select the Geometry again, and repeat the Host Pick... procedure, now you should be able to pick Plane B


And job is done!


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