Tuesday, 19 October 2010

PDF to DWG …..DWF to DWG… hack

It is a well known trick that you can export a PDF to DWG by using Adobe illustrator. This is achieved by opening the PDF and then choose export and export as a DWG, assuming the PDF contains vector linework.


However, can you do the same with a DWF file?

Technically yes, there are various tools and plugins which will allow you to convert a DWF to a DWG, but you will have limitation in the quality of the linework. However, you may have some success if  the DWF contains vector linework with one of the following:-

  • You can open the DWF in Autodesk  Design Review, then PDF it using acrobat writer, then convert the PDF as highlighted in the technique above, using Adobe Illustrator.
  • Alternatively, you could open the DWF in Design review, choose Copy to the clipboard, then in AutoCAD, choose Paste Special to copy the elements into AutoCAD.
  • You will need to scale up the resulting DWG in both cases and the quality will be very low, but it should be enough to start a basic schematic plan from.

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ellen said...

I ever used PDF to DWG Conversion software. It can convert engineering drawings saved as Adobe PDF files into DWG or DXF files that you can open and edit in AutoCAD and other popular engineering programs.