Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Control Temporary Dimensions

Yongmoo Hur, BIM manager in our Hong Kong office explains how to control the appearance of Temporary Dimensions. We all know that Temporary Dimensions appear when you select objects. I would like to cover little bit of this Temporary Dimensions.


This temporary dimension will not show up when the model becomes too complex to show all related dimensions. You can force to show this by clicking ‘Activate Dimensions’


If you click clip_image003 icon underneath, the dimensions will turn into permanent linear dimensions.

You can change how these temporary dimensions behave. You can set Temporary dimension to measure from centerlines to centerlines, faces to faces and etc. Manage tab > Additional Settings > Temporary Dimensions


You can also change the size of text. Often these temporary dimensions become illegible interfering with other objects, and you can make it bigger and more legible!

The R icon > Options >Graphic Tab > Temporary Dimension Text Appearance




You can select the blue square, drag and snap to new points.


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