Friday, 16 April 2010

Rotating Callouts

This tip comes from Victor Martinez of the HOK New York Office.

A callout has been placed in a view that appears to run parallel with the angle of a wing of a building, but you aren’t sure. A decision has been made to rotate the callout back to a default 0 degrees. Since there is no way of getting the angle or the rotation of the callout from its instance properties, how can it be rotated accurately back to a default 0 degrees?


By placing a scope box (blue dashed line in below image) in the view you can name the scope box and then assign the callout to the scope box so the callout assumes the angle/placement of the scope box (assuming the default value of a scope box is 0 degrees of course):


Callout Instance Properties:


The result is the callout assumes the scopebox angle:


The scopebox can then be deleted without affecting the callout. Now the callout can be rotated accurately if desired.


Unknown said...

Happy to know you found this strategy useful! It's definitely easier working at a 90 degree angle and being able to rotate the view quickly for sheet placement. It works wonders! :)

Great post!

Wes said...

Too bad this only works on Floor Plan and not Detail type callouts!