Monday, 19 April 2010

Controlling and changing Grid Line display

Victor Martinez , BIM Manager from HOK NYC said “While working on a recent project, the need to show column grid lines differently between composite plans and finish plans was requested. In order to accomplish this, the following method was used.”

In this first image, the composite plan is showing the grid lines with the project default settings:


Select a grid line and view it’s properties.

From the Type properties window, there are a few options to adjust how column grid lines are being generated. You are able to change the center and end segments here as well as the symbols being used. For this example, change the center segment to none:


Your plan will now look like this:


After changing the center segment, select a grid line and use the blue grips to drag each end segment to the center which will turn the grid lines back into a continuous centerline in the composite plan view.

Do this for each grid line in the view:


After dragging each grid line in the one view, the grids will now display differently in this view as compared to the rest of the other views:


You can then select the grid lines in the view you changed them in and propagate extents to the remaining corresponding views:


Once you Propagate Extents, you will now have the ability to control gridlines differently in multiple views:



archtowne said...

Nice Tip David. One question, would it be possible to post larger images? When I click through to enlarge the examples I still have some trouble reading what's going on (particularly in the last post on rotating callouts). Thanks

Gig said...

Great method we sometimes use, the only downside for those who are very keen is the small gap left between the "continuous" gridline.