Monday, 21 September 2009

RAC 2010 - Propagating Grids

Here is an efficient method to adjust grids in a view as suggested by Mark R in our San Franciso office:

• You DON’T have to adjust the layout of your grids for every view.
• You CAN propagate the same layout from another sheet.
• It’s easy, you just use “Propagate Extents”.

But first, a caution about GRIDS:
  • CAUTION: The GRID is put into the model as a 3D Datum.
  • A change to a 3D Datum in one view will affect other views that it extends to.
  • Grids remain 3D in a view until it has been PROPAGATED or until you manually select 2D for the grid.
  • If you want to manipulate a grid in a VIEW, you should ensure that 2D is selected first
  • Do this by clicking the ‘3D’ and it will change to ‘2D’:  

Now here’s how to propagate a grid to other views:

1. The Propagate Extents tool is disabled if the view is cropped. So un-crop the view you are propagating FROM and the view(s) you are propagating TO.

2. Select the grids that you want to propagate (from):

3. Select the “Propagate Extents” button:

4. The Propagate Datum Extents window will open. It shows views you can propagate the grid layout to (if a view is cropped, it will now show up). Select the view(s) and click the OK button.

5. Voila! The checked views will have the same grid layout.


2009-09-21 Ming H from Washington DC adds:

"I found the easiest way to change Grid or levels from '3D' to '2D', especially when you have a lot of grids or levels is: use crop region, any grids and levels out of the crop region will automatically become '2D'. After adjusting and apply propagating, you can always turn off the crop region. I found this way is much faster for high-rise building. ( I have 75 stories)"