Friday, 5 December 2008

Revit - matching dependent views across multiply views

William Lopez Campo asks:-I have a project which I have created a total of 30 dependent views on one level, how can I create duplicate dependent views on all my other views to match the 30 I have already created, without having to manually create them?

To propagate a series of dependent views from one particular level to the levels above, you need to do the following.

Set up you dependent views as required on one level only, in your case this is 30 dependent views! Next select the primary view associated with these dependent views.


With this view selected, go the view pulldown menu and choose "apply dependent views".


This will open a dialogue box which will allow you to propagate the dependent views you initially created to any other plan view you require.


The additional dependent views will be created for you at each level, based  on the dependent views you initially created. You will obviously have to rename them and it should be noted that the dependent views will not maintain associativity in relationship with the crop regions across the multiple levels.


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