Thursday, 27 November 2008

Zoom in and out edit colour scheme dialogue

I discovered this one by mistake yesterday and thought it would be good to share. When working in the edit color scheme dialogue it is now possible to zoom in and out of the scheme definition window in Revit Architecture 2009; it is not possible in Revit Architecture 2008.

default display
All you need to do is place your mouse pointer in the scheme definition window part of the edit color scheme dialogue, then hold down the control key on your keyboard and then use the middle mouse scroll wheel. On doing this you will find that you can scroll in and out, to view more or less of the values in the scheme definition.

zoomed display


Shirosynth said...

This works on the View Properties dialogue box as well. I'm trying every dialogue box to see what else works.

David said...

This feature apparently works with many of the other dialog boxes as well, including:

project information
fill patterns
material physical parameters
area and volume
view templates
line weights
line patterns
site settings
project units