Thursday, 20 March 2008

Revit to Max workflow

Robert O, from Atlanta asks: "How can I pass a Revit model to max without it becoming a a gigantic file. For example, when I export out of Revit to a dwg and it becomes a 6-8meg Max it becomes a 186meg file. Is there another way to import that I am not aware of?"
Steve B from our Dallas office says: Before you do anything, make sure you are in a 3D view. Depending what you are going to do in 3D Max, you will first disable certain worksets. For example, if you are going to do renderings of exteriors only, you will disable worksets that apply to interior partitions, for you don’t need them for exterior. If you need some of the interior walls, I would place them in a special workset for this purpose only. These steps will generate a much smaller file!!

1. Go to File pull down menu and select Export – Cad Formats (pay attention to the save as type option depending if you want to save it as 2007 or 2004 format)
2. Select options – Make sure you select export as polymesh in the Solids (3D views only) section 3. Leave all other options default
4. Save file
5. Open file in Autocad and set the proxygraphics to 1 – Save file
6. In 3D Max, I use File Link Manager for obvious reasons – linking can save a great deal of time on changes, etc.

Additional Notes : If you have AccuRender materials applied to objects in Revit, they will carry thru to MAX.

If you are going to render using Mental Ray (suggested) open Materials Editor and use the idrop to select object. This will pull in the material associated with object, therefore you can change the material to a mental ray material, thus changing all objects that material was attached to in Revit.

David A, SF comments: When exporting to MAX 9 or 2008, create an ACIS Solids Model. In past Revit revisions we found that a “polymesh” was the flavor of choice. In the latest builds of Revit and MAX an ACIS Solids generated model is a bit more efficient.

Is there a better process? ...FBX is going to really help with Revit 2009 to Max 2009 workflow, this is where a material library between the two applications can be shared...I am assuming Accurender materials will become redundant..ED

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