Friday, 15 February 2008

Revit: Hidden Constraints

Tim Rogers, CA problem: "I have run into an issue where two levels are constrained to one another. I have searched all through my model and cannot find dimensions or anything else that would constrain the two levels to one another. Is there something else that would cause this?"

Kevin Shumbera, HOU solution: "If a dimension is locked and then deleted, Revit gives you an option of leaving the constraint or removing it with the dimension. Unfortunately, if the dimension is deleted but the constraint is not removed, there will be little visible evidence of the level being locked. If this has happened, when you select the level you will see a locked symbol on the far left or right (in addition to the locked symbol referring to the ends of the level moving together)."

I checked this out and sure enough you right and applies to other objects like walls etc, thanks for the solution!

Important: Don't over constrain your model, if you not sure leave it unlocked!!


Graham said...

Agree with all stated except it appears if a constraint is set from the Ground Level to Level 1 and then Level 1 to Level 2 the locked symbol does not appear. Thus to remove the constraint you need to add a dimension between the Levels, unlock the locked symbol then remove the dimension.



Unknown said...

That is so true about the invisible constraints, but what i do is constrain during the designing process when I need it at the time, and immediately erase these after using it but before I move on. this practice has done wonders in the constraints department and I run into it so rarely now. but adding the dimension then unlocking will resolve the rest of my issues from now on, so thanks for that contribution