Thursday, 20 December 2007

Revision Tag Fails to Display a Value

Using the latest build of Revit Architecture (20071109_2345) Revision tags have been failing to display a value. We have not determined the cause but at this time it looks "buggish". In the meantime a work around.

  • Place the revision cloud
  • If no revision value is supplied in properties (or in a tag if placed)
  • Edit menu > Cut to Clipboard (the problem cloud)
  • Edit menu > Paste Aligned > Same Place ( or Current view)
  • Value should display now in properties and a tag when placed

Autodesk Responded with this:
This appears to be the result of an interaction between the Annotation Crop and the Revision numbering mechanism. This has been reported in a few cases before this. I will log this problem and you will be updated on the progress of this.

The workaround for this is to go to the View Properties for the view with the Tag in it and turn off Annotation Crop. Insert your Revision Tag. Your Tag should now be visible but your annotation is now visiable every where. Go back into the View Properties and turn Annotation Crop back on. This should fix your problem.

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