Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Disappearing Revit crop region

Bart van Vliet/SF says: "When snapping to the edge of walls, ceilings, etc to define the crop region , sometimes the lines disappear. I can’t figure out how to allocate a line type to the crop region. The only solution I can think of is to stretch the crop region beyond the limits of the elevation, and then create a masking region of two closed loop lines, of which the interior has the heavy line and the exterior lies beyond the extends of the crop region."

> David Nilsson/ATL solution: The two loop masking region is the solution I use. You can create a detail component with the masking region already set up to speed the process up a little, but as far as I know that’s the only way to get the profile lines to appear in the traditional manner. I’d love to find out that I’m wrong.

>> Kevin Parks/ATL responds: I use this same technique, but as far as the crop region is concerned, pull the region off of the edge of the wall just a little and the line will not hide. Revit wants to snap to the wall face and covers up the increased line thickness. So, the solution is to pull the crop region back off the face of the wall and the line will show up again. Make sure when you do this that your thin lines button is turned off so your line thickness shows up.

>>>Bart: The best option I have seen is the one I started with: puling the crop region off of the walls, ceiling and floor and creating a masking region with a heavy line outlining the face of wall, ceiling and slab and another line outside the crop region. Still open for suggestions, as it is quite a bit of work.

Ed - "Revit Wish List" then!

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Unknown said...

in my view, this is minor.

The reason the "annotation crop", is invisible when you are not hovering over it is because it is not an exact science... just make it bigger than necessary, and then go to the sheet that view is on and shorten it up if needed.

The main wish list issue everyone should be nagging AutoDesk to include next should be the lack of re-sizable Revit dialog boxes.

This has been standard in Microsoft Windows since windows 95. Why does Revit 2008 not have this feature?