Friday, 5 October 2007

Spot Elevation Tool tip for foundations

Victor Martinez from NY asks: "When using the Spot Elevation tool with either the Project or Relative setting, the value shown when tagging a Pad in plan reports the elevation of the bottom of the Pad, even though the top of the pad is set to the correct level. Is this the correct value or a bug? Should we be placing a slab above the pad so that the tag displays the correct elevation? When tagging in section we can choose the top of the pad. Any feedback would be appreciated."

Cyril Verley's solution: "I recommend that you think of the “pad” as a vapour barrier and set the thickness to 1/16 (or 1-2mm)” instead of a floor slab. Place it and then place a real floor slab on top of it. This will give you a more accurate scheduling of the floor slabs vs. building pad. It will also help set the elevation tag correctly since it will display the “true” floor slab height."

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