Friday, 5 October 2007

Revit - stairs to levels with varying heights

David Ivey, Chicago asks: "Is there a way to get Revit to land stairs at floor level when the levels having varying heights (i.e. the number of risers needs to change?"

Kiajoon Tan, London replies: The tread and risers will work for different runs within a same stair, To create different runs just do the appropriate maths and drag how many risers you want for each run, Release the mouse button when you have enough rosers for each run and then start the next run. The stair shown is created by controlling the number of desired risers to 30 and maximum height to 175 per riser, totally calculated to a 5.25m height to get the exact mid landing at riser number 20. i.e. you must be consistent with a common riser denominator with your levels.

But … sometimes will have problems resizing the different landings as they will end as far as how many threads you have for each run. If you have a shorter flight the landing will end short of a longer flight. Railings can also be an issue as sometimes they cannot be hosted properly. (Mind your head on the landing! - Ed)

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