Monday, 10 September 2007

Creating Elliptical Walls

"Does anyone have a better way to create true elliptical walls (without just approximating them with curves)? I have been creating elliptical masses, and then adding walls to the faces, but then we can’t really edit their shape without going back to edit the mass, and then remaking the walls." David Ivey.

Solutions provided by Lee Miller:
There are some Known limitations to using the Ellipse. Here are 4 ways to create Elliptical Walls. If you are using the wall by face tool, the wall object is set to “Related to Mass”, so the only way to change the geometry is to edit the mass and remake the walls.

Ed - Is there a better way?


Aaron Rumple said...

For complex geometry you can make generic family "helpers"...

For an ellipse, I've created 3 and 5 point ellipse families. They are nothing more than model lines controlled by a few parameters and some math. It is simple to place them and size them as needed. The 5 point ellipse template I’ve created gives a very smooth ellipse using just arcs. These of course are easily dimensioned and built in the fileld.

Then walls can be created by simply using the pick lines tool.

Rabi A. said...

Making generic family "helpers" is a good practice. Thanks Aaron Rumple.