Thursday, 16 August 2007

Revit: exporting images to file

We are having issues exporting jpeg, tiffs or png images from Revit isometric views. We setup the view in the normal way and then go to export images from the file pull down menu. Set the resolution etc; however Revit seems to go through the process of exporting but when you go to the location you thought you had saved the export, you find that there is nothing exported. We have tried various different file formats, but with no success.

Solution from Kevin Parks that provides standard procedure that can be followed:

1. Select File / Export / Image...
2. Name the output location and provide a file name or it will go through the process, but no file will show up.
3. Select the Zoom to button and chose a percentage. Ex. if you chose 200% than your output will be (Raster Image Quality x 2)
4. Chose your file format, typically PNG for high quality. If you chose JPG use the lossless option.
5. Also, chose the Raster image Quality. Ranging from 72 to 600.

PLEASE NOTE: The output image on your monitor is only 72 dpi max. Print the image out on paper before making a judgment call on the quality of the image. HOK CAD Solutions - video burst

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Daniel Kobran said...

I am having problems with the exporting procedure. When I attempt to export an image either jpg lossless or png at a image quality over 300 (zoom 100%) it tells me i do not have enough memory to complete the export. What am I doing wrong? I have 32 bit system with 4gigs ram. What is the difference between "fit to" and "zoom to". What would I use to export the image to scale (so when I print it it is to scale). Thanks in advance!