Saturday, 21 July 2007

Welcome to HOK BIM Solutions

Welcome to this HOK BIM Solutions blog.

We decided to call it ‘HOK BIM Solutions” as it is for our HOK buildingSMART BIM community and we want to primarily demonstrate answers to issues we face in our daily work. Of course there will be questions too! This is the idea: let’s use this blog as a communication track to gather knowledge and share; we hope HOK BIM user will be willing to author posts and share opinions. Postings will be by HOK and invited guests, viewing is by anybody inside and outside HOK. Here are A few simple ground rules for successful blog posts:

-Solutions to problems that are likely to occur generally.
-Interesting work processes that are of general interest.

-General commentary about the industry.
-Personal opinions on the direction of HOK or the industry
-Problems without complete solutions.
-Solutions or processes that would only apply in a limited context.

Be constructive, polite and positive.

Thank you for your interest.


Mario Guttman said...

Looks good. NOt sure about the little pictures of people; might get tedious and we'll keep seeing the same faces

Miles said...

I was wondering about that myself let's encourage a few more to contribute on CAD call this week to get a balance, then we can determin how useful this is. Cheers

Miles said...

We have had a review of method for posting and agreed to add some ground ensure we encourage the best solutions.

RobiNZ said...

Just found this, good to see you guys on-line!