Monday, 23 July 2007

Revit: room revit warnings

Question from Victor Martinez.

Does anyone know a quick way to resolve some of these Revit warnings that appear, other than deleting the object and recreating it? In this example I’m getting an error in regards to a room’s top face, so I changed the properties to be defined by the level above. I adjusted the properties in this room but the warning still has not cleared. I’d hate to have to recreate 250+ rooms!!

Joe Kendsersky says: "This is a known defect...the workaround is that the roof must be above and be room bounding. Calculate room volumes must be on." (This could be an overhead on the project. Ed)


VMMscertpro said...

I checked the settings to use this work around, but the settings were already set to these settings.

Miles said...

So no workaround. How are you moving forward on project?

VMMscertpro said...

This doesn't seem to be affecting the project, so as of now, we are just continuing with the CD work.