Sunday, 22 July 2007

Revit Details: edit cut profile

Great suggestion from Jon Gardzelewski where the void former which is about 50mm needs extending to the slab below.

Edit cut profile is a quick way to draft using model elements that works with keynoting. When using this you need to realize that your views will be fixed but the model won’t, and so I will only advise to us “edit cut profile” to clean up internal joints. Below see my composite slab comprised of 150 RC over varying depths of void former. Select “edit cut profile” and then knife the material you want to manipulate.

This takes you into the greyed out world of purple lines (Revit users know what I mean).
Draw an enclosed shape and be sure to connect the orange lines have the blue arrow point to where you want the material stretched into.

Once you’ve filled the gaps in add your keynote by material. Notice how the void former hatch pattern has been extended and the keynote applied.

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