Saturday, 21 July 2007

Revit Details: keynoting tips

Contribution from Jon Gardzelewski.
It is important to understand how keynotes are setup on a project and where the files are located, here are some examples from the BP2 project. If we need a new keynote we can add these where appropriate, and I would say that any note used in more than one view should be done with keynotes. We’ve created so far Main Keynotes1.txt and Cladding Keynotes1.txt to suit the different models.

I have been assigning keynotes by material, but when doing this it is important to create new materials for each keynote (we can have an internal debate about other options as well). I went into the floor family, went into the structure, and in each material there is an identity tab where you can select your keynote from a list that references the text file link from above. To re-load that link go to settings/keynoting and browse for the path. When you browse you can just re-select the same link and it will reload with any changes.

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