Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Links: RSS feeds and Aggregators

Following our HOK CAD Manager conference call today, I showed a few RSS feeds from "Revit and BIM" blogs here are a few more. HOK CAD Solutions - Green BIM (Miles Walker) - Green Revit - All Things BIM (James V) - Revit OpED (Steve Stafford) - Revit Rants - Revit Zone - Revit 3D

They can be aggregated to reduce the time and effort needed to regularly check websites for updates, creating a unique information space or "personal newspaper." Once subscribed to a feed, an aggregator is able to check for new content at user-determined intervals and retrieve the update. The content is sometimes described as being "pulled" to the subscriber, as opposed to "pushed" with email. I like the Aggregator here to see how it works.

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