Monday, 16 July 2007

ADT: express tools

When we use layer Express Tool or Overkill command, sometimes the following error msg shows up:

Nested error trapping used incorrectly.
Resetting nesting index to 1.*Cancel*

Normally this problem can be fixed after close/reopen the drawing, I searched discussion forums, the best "solution" is:

This error message is caused by at error in another LISP application.
The problem is often in on automatically launched LISP utilities (like your ACAD.LSP, ACADDOC.LSP, .MNL files, StartUp,¡­)

Has anyonne a better solution instead of close/reopen the drawing, because we have to do batch processing drawings sometimes?


joe.zhou said...

Tim Ulrich's solution to this question as below:
"This sounds like the Express Tools have become corrupt. You may need to repair the install to get it working again"

John Vogt's solution to this question as below:
"To the best of my knowledge, this is not caused by any error in any customization other than ADT itself. Sometimes, in the first drawing opened, there is something in the ADT setup that is still running. The thing that has always worked for us is to close that first drawing and only work in the second drawing opened."

Thanks Tim & John, seems John's method is more appropriate, i don't know if ADT 2007/2008 has same issue?

Miles said...

Thanks for feedback - Miles